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About BYP

Vision Statement (what we are working toward):

The Boise Valley is comprised of a diverse, connected, involved and prepared reservoir of world-class talent who are prepared to lead, create, innovate and influence as the community evolves.

Mission Statement (what we do):

Develop and retain a talented workforce in the Boise Valley by connecting, empowering and engaging young professionals.

Areas of Focus (our core programs and services):

  • Business & Social Networking
  • Professional & Leadership Development
  • Community & Civic Involvement

Synopsis of our business case (why we exist):

Attract a Talented Workforce
There is a looming workforce/talent shortage projected to affect the U.S. beginning in 2010. For every two workers retiring only one new worker will replace them. Also, many communities are suffering from mass exiting of their college graduates and young talent to “creative class communities,” “cool cities,” and areas that offer a “YP friendly” lifestyle. These factors have been referred to as “brain drain” and BYP is proactively working to decrease this effect in the Boise Valley BEFORE it becomes an issue.

Retain a Talented Workforce

People are more likely to stay in a community when they feel connected and involved. By providing opportunities for young professionals to get involved and feel connected/invested in the community, the Boise Valley is more likely to retain young talent.

Develop Next-Generation Talent

Leaders are made, not born. BYP seeks to grow leaders and professionals. By developing the Boise Valley’s young talent, YPs will be more capable and interested in taking leadership roles in community, business and government opportunities and fueling the creativity and innovation in our region.

Build Business and Social Connections

The saying, “It’s not who you know, but who knows you,” is a great reminder for YPs to enhance their business and social networks by building relationships. Networking is the number one reason people join YP groups, as well as Chambers of Commerce. By helping YPs build connections they are less likely to move or disengage from their community.

Young professionals like to have fun and are looking for ways to plug into the Boise region. If new or existing young people lack a good social/personal life they are more likely to move. Connecting young people to other like-minded professionals on the business and social side will help retain talent in the Boise Valley.

Empower and Engage Young Talent

Generation X and Y have been raised in a time where technology and access to information is a normal part of their personal and work lives. The Baby Boom and Traditionalist Generations have experience and wisdom to offer Gen X and Y and BYP needs to encourage interactions between these groups. By tapping into, and unleashing the potential and creativity of younger generations, the Boise Valley seeks to gain increased involvement and collaboration of talented human capital.

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To contact BYP, please call us at the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce at 208-472-5258 or email

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