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“Last month, I graduated with my bachelor’s and MBA. I had to work multiple jobs with late hours but I accomplished my goal of graduating entirely debt-free. Now, as I start looking for my career job, I’m trying to remember that a spider is just as afraid of you as you are of it. In other words, it’s okay to be nervous and to put yourself out there with the possibility of getting rejected. It’s nerve-racking to go to an interview but what if it’s the hiring manager’s first week? They might be just as nervous to make the right decision as I am to make a good impression.”

Jamie Wolph is a server at Bardenay Distillery and BYP member.
She recently accepted a retail intern position with the Missoula Osprey.


“I used to have a lot of fear about the future – what degree to pursue, who I would marry, where I would work, and so forth. One of my favorite verses says, “The Lord did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a self-control.” I go back to this verse and it’s a reminder that God has an incredible plan for my life that doesn’t include a focus on fear. Rather, my focus should be to bless others with the strengths I was given, love others well, and practice self-discipline in all areas of life.”

Rachel Fike is the Event Coordinator for the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. She is a recent BYP member looking forward to getting more involved. #MemberMonday #BYoungBoise


Meet BYP’s new Member Monday photographer, Macey Snelson!

“I volunteer as the Community Services Advisor for the Meridian Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC). I spend a few hours each Monday with outstanding high school students who are passionate about using their voice, talents, and actions to impact our community in positive ways. The students consistently blow me away with their dedication and growth. I work to encourage the students to spread their wings and embrace life, and I’m going to do the same.  I’ve been training in Olympic Weightlifting for 6 months, and have fallen in love with the empowerment it’s given me. I got into the sport as something to keep me active and never intended to compete because the idea of competing (in a singlet) scares me, which is exactly why I’m going to pursue it in 2018.”

Macey is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for Meridian Library District. Her photo was taken by Denise Ramirez.



“I hold myself to a high standard in order to try to be the kind of example I want to see in the world. Part of that journey is pushing myself to grow and break my self-imposed limits. That helps me become a better me and helps others do the same. By reaching acceptance of others, I have found self-confidence and appreciation in myself. This gave me the freedom to keep exploring.

I aim to create permanent solutions to problems I see in the world using my businesses. It’s not about making money, it’s about creating changes that makes lives better. We can’t get there by taking shortcuts and cutting corners.”

Josh owns Quality Cage Crafters and Lean Boxes. He is an active BYP member and serves on the Outreach work team.


“If I could go back 10 years and drop some wisdom on my past self, I would say, ‘If you love it, pursue it.’ I wanted to be a painter when I first started college but eventually gave up on it because people kept telling me that art wouldn’t pay the bills. Years later, after floundering through majors, I found writing. Going for my MFA in Creative Writing was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and it opened up a lot of opportunities for me in higher ed. Today, I get to help students better articulate themselves to employers, and in my off-time I get to pursue my creative projects. While writing poems and short stories doesn’t necessarily keep the lights on, it’s important work and it makes me happy.”

Lacey is a Career Coordinator with the College of Business and Economics at Boise State. She is a new and active member of BYP.


“People say if you enjoy your work, you’ll never work a day in your life. It can be hard to prioritize your passions over money, but I’ve found that I feel so much more fulfilled when I do something I enjoy. I have worked two event venues, and it’s hard work, but it’s rewarding to see the fruits of your labor come to life. Something I particularly enjoy is training new employees because it is really cool to see people become self sufficient. So, I would tweak that original piece of advice to: Find a job that makes you feel satisfied, helps you grow as a person, and, in my case, keeps you in a town you enjoy.”

Jared is the Senior Operations Supervisor at the Boise Centre. He is an active member of BYP.

My favorite quote is from a letter written by General George S. Patton to his son who at the time was a cadet at West Point. His advice to the future officer was “you are always on parade.” Its short but powerful – we often forget that we represent both ourselves and our organizations not only when we are leading meetings and on stage presenting but also when we are going about our daily activities and interacting with individuals in and out of work. This rings very true to me. I come from a very small, blue collar town in Ohio, where my parents worked extremely hard to provide for me and my sister. As a result of their hard work I was the first person in my family to go to college and the first to start my military career as an officer. I try every day to present myself in a way that will continue to make them proud and inspire those around me to work hard and live the life they’ve always wanted. ​

Mike is an Assistant Vice President and Executive Banking Relationship Manager at Zions Bank and a veteran of the United States Air Force. Mike is a new member the Core Leadership team for Treasure Valley Education Partnership (TVEP) and volunteers with United Way and Neighborhood Works Boise and was a recent team captain for their Paint the Town project. Mike is a new and active BYP member!​


“One of the best lessons I have learned as a young professional is to always maintain a good work-life balance. I will never forget my last day working as an intern at the Royal Bank of Scotland in London. I had spent the last 9 months carefully filing away important documents and emails, making sure everything was perfectly organized and accessible. Then, on my last day, they came in and wiped my computer clean. All that filing, all of that amazing organization was gone in the blink of an eye. It was in that moment that I realized that no job was so important that it should rule your life, because, in the end, the company will most likely keep chugging along even if you leave. That experience is what really taught me to maintain a good work life balance. I am proud to be a motivated, hard working person, but I am also proud that I value family, friends and life experiences just as much. My career actually came out of seeking work-life balance. I was a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association before I was lucky enough to get hired. I was able to take a cause that means so much to me and my family and turn it into a career that I love and am passionate about.”​​

Lindsay is a Development Specialist for the Alzheimer’s Association and is active in their events. One way for YP’s to get involved is to participate in the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer’s on October 7th! You can register a team for free at Lindsay is on the Community Engagement work team and is an active BYP member. She really enjoys the B|Balanced program and even helped plan the b|balanced gardening event that happened in June.


“Take advantage of every opportunity; where there is none, make it for yourself.” This quote is my favorite because as a young professional in a growing city like Boise, it is so important to take advantage of as many opportunities and become as involved as you can. I like it because it is not just a quote, it is a mindset. Thinking this way also led me to a really cool opportunity last summer that I am proud of. I was asked to speak as a panelist about being an emerging professional in the Public Garden field at the 2017 American Public Garden Association Conference in Toronto, Canada and was invited back to speak again at the 2018 Conference at Disneyland Resort on strength-based leadership. I am excited and inspired to be a voice for young professionals in my industry.​

Cody is the Visitor Services Manager for the Idaho Botanical Garden. He is a Commissioner for Serve Idaho, the Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism. Cody is already an active BYP Member and always looking for more ways to get involved!


My wife and I moved from a crowded, expensive, and polluted corner of America to Boise in 2014 in search of a better quality of life.  While our only personal connections here were the people I interviewed with at Micron, we quickly felt at ease in our new home and enjoy Idaho’s outdoor playground whenever possible.​

If I could tell my 21 year old self one thing it would be to slow down and take in the present. Building paths to the future is important, but not at the expense of neglecting to live in the moment. This sentiment is captured nicely by Andy Bernard in the final episode of my favorite TV show The Office: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”​​

Daniel is an IT Business Analyst at Micron Technology and one of the founding members of the Micron Young Professionals Leadership Team and is the Chair of their Professional Development work team. He is also active participant in BYP’s b|Wise mentorship program and enjoys volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of America, Idaho Food Bank, and other charities through BYP’s community engagement team.​


I moved to Boise from Buhl, Idaho to go to school at BSU. I stayed because I love it here. The people are fantastic and there are so many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I believe the harder you work, the luckier you become and Boise is just the place for me to work as hard as I can. Bonus, my hometown is just a short drive away so I can go home often to visit and I’m less than an hour away from pretty much any outdoor activity you can imagine. I’d say I’m lucky for sure.

 Alex is an Events Manager for the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. He is a new BYP Member and excited to get more involved!


“I’ve been fortunate to live in some pretty cool places- I moved to Washington D.C. after college where I worked for the National Security Agency. I realized that wasn’t for me and landed in San Francisco chasing dream jobs with my fiance. After a year and a half, we realized how much we missed Boise and the unique quality of life that it offers. We looked for good jobs here that would allow us to return without moving backwards in our careers, and when we found them, we made the move. When explaining the rationale to our San Francisco friends, we said, “In Boise, you can easily own a home, have a 10 minute bike commute, and drink $4 craft beer.” It made sense to them when they heard that.” 

Cameron is a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Kount. He is also the Pro Bono Analytics Manager for Treasure Valley Education Partnership and on the board for the Boise State University Honors College Alumni Chapter where he leads the Mentoring Committee. Cameron joined BYP after attending Professional Development Day in 2016 and has become an active BYP member.


I enjoy the challenge of change in my industry. Media companies are going through a lot of change right now and it’s exciting to help define the future direction of our industry and my company. I’m lucky to be able to do this in a place like Boise. I have lived here for most of my life and I plan to stay for many years to come. Boise is a great community that offers a quality of the life and diversity of experience that is hard to find. We have great access to all sorts of outdoor recreation and I try to take advantage of that as often as possible. 

Logan is the Advertising Director for the Idaho Statesman. He has been a BYP member for 2 years and is on the BYP Leadership Team and the Marketing & Communication work team. Logan works closely with BYP in his position at the Statesman to co-produce Idaho Professional Development Day each the fall.


“She believed she could, so she did.” I’m not even sure who said it first, but it quickly became one of my mantras! I love it because it’s all about mindset. I believe that you are able to do what you put your mind to, but too many people let life happen to them, rather than make life happen. I refuse to let that be me. I have ambitious goals and know that if I continue to do the proper actions to achieve those goals, I will do so. That leads me to share the best advice I’ve ever been given, and it happened to come from my business professor in chiropractic school. He said: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” I have made it a goal to get out of my comfort zone at least once per day which has helped me to get out and meet people and expand my network. Because I have been doing this consistently for almost two years, it is a lot harder to find things outside of that comfort zone because it has grown so much!       

Kjersten is a Chiropractic Physician at Live Right Chiropractic specializing in the care of pregnant women and children. She is an active member of BYP and has done many volunteer events and participates in the b|wise program.


“I have come to realize just how important lifelong learning is to me, especially when it exposes new ways of looking at the world. When I was in college, I studied abroad in Spain and in the UK, which helped me a lot when I worked with international students at Boise State’s Center for Global Education. I still seek out these multicultural learning experiences, including a recent trip to Guatemala and Belize. As I progress in my career, I’m finding other ways to feed my hunger to learn, like becoming a total podcast addict. I love listening to them and nerding out whenever I have a free moment. I’m even in the process of starting a podcast club called the Pod Squad, which is like a book club but for podcasts. Podcast nerds unite!”

Jamie is a Program Coordinator at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Boise State University. She is the Chapter President of the Boise State Honors College Alumni Board. Jamie is new to BYP and jumped in with both feet. She enjoys the Lunch & Learns, b|wise Mentor program and plans to join a work team at some point to get more involved.


“If you can keep your wits about you while all others are losing theirs, and blaming you, the world will be yours and everything in it, what’s more, you’ll be a man, my son.” I’ve always loved this quote by Rudyard Kipling and I think it’s really relevant in our fast paced society where quick turnarounds and instant gratification are the norm. It is a reminder to me to work through the noise and chaos in the business world. If I can stay focused on the real issues and move forward, it will lead to success. It means even more to me now that I am providing for my family and trying to set a good example for my kids. I want to teach them the value of hard work and that having a good work ethic can get you really far no matter what type of career you have… and I’m lucky to have one that I love.

Colin is the founder & roaster of Ironside Roasting Co. (@ironsideroastingco) and has been supplying Boise with fresh, delicious coffee for the last 2 years. He is an active member of BYP & participates regularly in the b|wise Mentorship Program. Colin is also a brand new member of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce.


If I could tell myself something 10 years ago, it would be to stay focused on the big goals, pursue new experiences, and nurture relationships. Don’t let the hiccups and unexpected roadblocks hinder your spirit or your progress.  Figuring this out has had such a positive influence in my life and continually reminds me to consider my purpose. ​​

I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who share the same gusto for life. Whether it’s a mentor helping me evolve in my career, learning the importance of community involvement through volunteering and BYP, or traveling with my friends – I’m driven to grow personally and professionally and to make a positive imprint on the world. ​

Kati works as a contract specialist and in business development at LCA Architects. She is a member of the BYP Marketing Work Team where she is helping to lead the BYP Canned Pet Food Drive. She is an active member of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce and BOMA & volunteers at the Idaho Food Bank.


I moved to Boise in 2013 with my husband, who is stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base. I must say, I have been so impressed and inspired by the many young professionals here in Boise that are working hard, crushing their goals, and using their voice or talents to positively impact the community. It drives me to push my limits, knowing that I haven’t even scratched the surface of my potential yet- I’m all about asking what’s next and getting things done, I’m so glad to have found a group of young professionals who feel the same way. ​​

Brittany is the Branding, Sustainability, & Travel Coordinator for United Heritage Insurance. She is a graduate of Clayton State University, where she earned her B.A. in Communication & Media Studies. She is an active BYP member and a member of the Professional Development Work team.


I want to see results. I am pretty competitive person, I want to be the best I can at whatever I am trying to do. Ha, I guess you could say that my fear of failure, combined with a strong dose of perfectionism, is a really strong motivator to succeed. I think that is the only way I was able to complete grad school with honors, work full time, volunteer regularly, and raise two kids… of course, it helped that my husband was awesomely supportive too!  When it comes down to “why I do what I do, it is to be a strong role model for my daughters: to show them that they can do whatever they set their minds to, and that you can wear lots of different hats, you don’t have to settle for one career or only be good at one sport, hobby or past-time… with the right motivation and the right support in your life you really can do it all.  ​

Shari is the Director of Communications for Boise Regional REALTORS®. She is the staff liaison and secretary for the Boise Regional REALTORS® Foundation, whose mission is to improve the quality of life in the Boise region through housing related projects and grants. She is on the Events Work Team and an active BYP member.


 The best advice I have ever received is “Work to live. Don’t live to work.” I’ve worked my tail off to get where I am today, so it is a great reminder for me to find balance & remind myself why I work so hard. I like to say that I go to work so my children can be safe and healthy, but I leave work so they can be happy. One thing I love about Boise is how we can be out of cell service in under an hour in any direction – the best day off is taking a drive to find amazing new places to explore. ​​

Jensina is the President of Mocodile Medical, a new Medical Consulting & Training Company in Boise. She is an active member of BYP.


“My mom has always been a guiding light in my life, inspiring me and encouraging me to be whoever I want to be. She always told me that if you do good, good will come to you, and I have made it a purpose in my life to prove that. It has led me to be active in my community and make it a part of my family’s life. One of my proudest moments was being recognized for my commitment to service last year when I received the PacificSource Community Outreach Award for my efforts as the Employee Campaign Coordinator for United Way. It left me feeling so inspired and ready to take on even more… My mom was right- do good and good will come to you!​”

Julie is a Client Service Representative at PacificSource Health Plans, She is on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of SW Idaho and a previous “little.”  She is also the Chair of the PacificSource Healthy Communities Committee, and an active member of BYP.​


“I learned early on that if I wanted something, I had to step up and make it happen, because opportunities don’t always wait for you to take them. That’s why I have found Pat Riley so inspirational in the past, and his quote really resonates with me “There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in our you’re out.” From accelerating my career to hunting in the beautiful hills or rivers of Idaho, if I choose to go after something- I give it my all.​”

Dustin is a Project Manager for Sletten Construction. He is an active member of BYP, BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association), and The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. ​


There is something to be said about taking something basic and turning it into something amazing. I get to do that every day at work. I take lines, text, and graphics; mix them together; put them on paper; then organize the resultant chaos into a physical object that is efficient and visually spectacular. I do the same with woodworking and over the years it has become my passion… I love seeing ideas turn into reality, especially through a finely tuned design – it’s a beautiful thing!​

Josh is a Senior CAD Tech at CTA Architects, where he hopes to become an architect in a few years. He is a volunteer and coach for One Stone, and the Chair Elect for BYP’s Professional Development Team.


A little over 4 years ago, my wife and I moved from Camas, Washington due to a job transfer. Little did I know how much we would absolutely love it and that this town would become our new home. I would attribute a lot of that to the experiences I have had since I started working at Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU). My job has allowed me to see what makes Boise so special and unique with its sense of community and opportunities. Every day I interact with people and companies who are out making a difference in the lives of others. Success to me means being able to give more than you take, and that is something my career has allowed me to witness and take part in personally, and for that I am continuously motivated to keep growing.​​

Chase is a Business Development Manager with ICCU. He is on the BYP Leadership Team and Professional Development work team. Chase is also a co-member of Together Treasure Valley, a family of 20 Idaho businesses looking for project ideas to enhance our communities, and most recently Chase will join the Board of the Bronco Athletic Association.


I’ve always been driven by a deep sense of needing to leave my community better than I found it.  This passion has driven me to volunteer for causes I believe in and to elevate voices of those often overlooked or marginalized in society. It’s why I love my job as a public affairs consultant, where I have the privilege of working on progressive issues that I care about, and I meet fascinating people all over the country who are dedicated to making democracy and economic prosperity more accessible for everyone, whether that’s by expanding LGBTQ civil rights or improving access to public lands, healthcare, jobs and education. To do this all while becoming a mom has made it even more special. I’m leaving a footprint that will have lasting effect on my son’s generation and many more to come.      ​

Caitlin is a principal in the Boise office of the DC-based public affairs firm, Hilltop Public Solutions. She serves on the National Victory Fund Campaign Board helping elect openly LGBTQ people to public office. She also served on the Women’s Foundation of Montana advisory board for four years, promoting entrepreneurship for women and STEM education for girls. She volunteers with BYP, Global Talent Idaho (on the business fundraising committee for the Careers for Change event on May 16th), The College of Idaho’s Business Advisory Council, and Boise Moms for a Brighter Future. She was a judge for last year’s Idaho Innovation Awards, and enjoys also volunteering her time at the Trailhead helping entrepreneurs refine their pitches.


“As I look back, the best piece of advice I have ever been given is simple: Enjoy every bit of life you have. The ups, the downs… learn everything you can from those around you. We are put on this earth to grow and make a difference, it is up to us to take the opportunity each day to learn, to be grateful and to try new things. That advice has taken me to great places and has put me on a career trajectory that I am proud of at a company that I thoroughly enjoy.​”

Zach is a Brand Ambassador for In the Bag Promotions where he helps businesses and brands grow through promotional material and goods.  He is an active member of the BYP Community Engagement Team.


“I am literally living the dream! As my sister & I worked in various industries, we always wondered what it would be like to have our own business & to do things the way we wanted to… that finally happened when we decided to move back to Boise and open our first boutique! I grew up here and I tried out California for a few years after college, but the opportunity to shift careers and return to Boise as an entrepreneur was hard to resist, so I made the move back and started to build a life here.​

I’m proud of what we have accomplished in a short time. Two boutiques in less than a year has been an incredible journey- I am a wanderlust so I love a good journey, whether I am traveling or just life in general… The best part of this year long one has been the people I meet along the way & interact with every day at SHIFT. I get to interact with women at all points in their life, whether they are job searching, getting engagement photos done, or planning an epic girl’s night out, we form a special bond with each of our clients. We have worked really hard to create an environment that is welcoming, encouraging, and engaging. Seeing a woman walk out of the store in an outfit she loves and makes her feel amazing, that is the best part of my job.​”

​Kelsey is the co-owner of SHIFT boutique & the newly opened KEYSTONE station. They welcome a variety of non-profits into their boutiques for fundraising opportunities around the community. Kelsey is an active BYP member.


“Growing up on a farm, a strong work ethic was instilled in me since I was old enough to walk. There were always chores to be done and weekends were spent working in the fields.  It helped me realize that hard work and determination are the keys to success in life.  When you invest your time and energy, you can accomplish great things.  My latest investment has been in my decision to run for public office.  I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone to help the city that I love. In order to grow, you need to stretch your boundaries and do things you believe in!​”

 “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” – Tommy Lasorda

Kristin is the General Manager for Meeting Systems, Inc., a meeting & event management company. She is running for the Greater Boise Auditorium District (GBAD) board (go vote May 16th!). She currently sits on the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Travel Industry Advisory Board and volunteers as an ambassador for Shriners. Kristin has been an active BYP member since 2009 and was Chair of BYP in 2014.


“I love working in the wine industry because it is a happy one.  The people who have chosen to be in wine do so because they have a passion for it. Working with passionate people definitely has its perks—it rubs off on you! When I started my internship with the Wine Commission four years ago I didn’t know it would turn into a life changing career. It has taught me patience and appreciation for what I do day to day because you never know what opportunities it may bring.  I’m working on being present taking the time to savor a moment. You enjoy life so much more if you can appreciate the little things, and I’m learning that those ultimately become the big things.”

Brenna is the Communications & Finance Manager for the Idaho Wine Commission.  She is a Big Sister for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho, a graduate of Leadership Idaho Agriculture Class 37, and a member of Food Producers. She is also a Board Member for the City Club of Boise and an event volunteer for the Downtown Boise Association. Brenna is an active BYP member.


“My favorite quote right now is by the one, the only, Walt Disney and helps explain why I do what I do: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Life is short and there are so many possibilities in the world today, many of which just take a bold step forward and the courage to grow. As I have grown up and out of my comfort zone, I have met so many friends and experienced so many new things that have added a lot of excitement to my life. It has even turned being a Boise local into quite an adventure! I’ve lived here my whole life and am re-energized to see as much of the city as I can. I have taken it upon myself to become involved in the community, explore new things, meet new people, and have fun with it along the way with my husband and our fur kiddos. ”

​Brooke is a Recruitment Coordinator with MassMutual Idaho. She volunteers for the American Heart Association & the University of Idaho Vandal GOLD Association. She is a member of the BYP Events & Networking Work Team.


“When I think about what I am most proud of over the last couple of years, my first response is my daughter- I mean she’s amazing.  But I quickly realized becoming a dad has pushed me to do a few more things that make me proud- all with the goal of someday making her proud. I know this seems a bit cliché, but I want to set a good example for my daughter, and provide her with the best opportunities that I can. That’s my biggest motivator and why I am putting so much effort into launching my business, which involves stepping from behind the lens & out of the edit bay where I have always been most comfortable, to being the creator, director, marketer, and salesman. I am being considerably more social, and networking with people in the Treasure Valley… which is why I somehow agreed to do this! Just kidding, it’s great, but being an introvert, doing this is a huge step for me… and that makes me proud.”

Brian is the owner and operator of Pixlbrain Digital, a brand new video & production company located in Boise!  Brian is the video liaison for BYP’s Marketing & Communication work team.


“I’ve always challenged myself to think bigger. I never want to be satisfied with the status quo. Thinking like that has allowed me to learn so much more than if I had just stayed in my lane.  At my first job out of college I was a writer at an ad agency. We were getting more web development jobs than one person could handle. With no previous background, and help from my colleague, I taught myself HTML and CSS. Over the next five years, I designed and developed over 50 websites. I didn’t know it at the time, but by thinking bigger and taking this on, I gained coding skills that have been invaluable to my career, whether working with web consultants or knowing how to fix a glitch in an e-newsletter, I’m able to demonstrate my will and ability to tackle something new.​”

Heather is the Senior Director of Communications for the American Wood Council, which is located in Washington, D.C.  She is on the BYP Marketing & Communications Work Team and an active member.


“I moved to Boise from Hamilton, Montana in search of a fresh start. My favorite quote is from the movie We Bought a Zoo: “All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage and great things will happen. I promise.” Seems random I know, but it has stuck with me & guides me to take chances every day.​

The key is to take that leap and listen to what others have to say. Take a chance do something you have never done before. Go rock climbing, bike the green belt, go to the zoo! The possibilities are endless.  This is why I think Boise is the best place to be right now for a young professional and why I’m glad I got my fresh start here. If you are looking to build your career, find awesome new friends, start a business or find new beginnings—you can do it here. Just remember to have 20 seconds of insane courage!”  ​

Blake is a Personal Banker & Loan Officer at Washington Federal. He is on the BYP Events Work Team and an active BYP Member. Blake is also on the Boise State University Phi Gamma Delta Board of Advisors, and the University of Idaho Vandal Gold Committee.​


“I was born and raised in Boise, and The Treasure Valley has grown faster than I could have ever imagined over the last 26 years. That’s what has kept me here… watching Boise grow and become a vibrant place that provides the buzz and excitement of a big city, but still has that small town vibe that I grew up with and have come to love. ​

I guess you could say I’ve grown a bit like Boise too. I stay humble but I stay hungry. I strive to be successful and always challenge myself to grow and try new things- just like my city has.” ​

Michael is a Corporate Communications Coordinator for the Albertsons Companies and he participates in various service projects around the city as a part of the Albertsons Community Team.  Michael is a member of the BYP Marketing & Communications Work Team and an active BYP member.


“The best piece of advice I’ve received seriously changed my life. I read it in the book “Fish!” and it was to choose your own attitude. Every day I make a conscious decision to be happy, and it makes a huge impact in my life. Choosing to live with joy and a smile on my face has created such a positive vibe around me that I thrive in. Through my positive attitude, drive, and a lot of hard work just in the last year alone I’ve graduated college, passed my FE exam, and turned my internship into a full-time career. Maybe my attitude is a magnet, because I sure didn’t do this alone. I am surrounded by the most incredibly supportive and encouraging people who teach me new things, and encourage me to “be me” in the process.  It is humbling to be surrounded by such great people and to know that maybe my decision to by happy every day was a part of making that possible… and it proves that it was the best choice I’ve ever made.”

Amber is a Refrigeration Engineer in Training at CTA Architects Engineers.  She is an active member of BYP and a member of the Community Engagement Work Team. Amber also serves on the Public Works Commission for the City of Boise.


“This year I found myself spending a lot of time exploring Boise. I’ve lived here for ten years so I felt like I had figured out what the city has to offer, but there is SO MUCH more than I thought!  It has taken a lot of courage for me to get out of my comfort zone on my own, and a lot of trust both in myself and in others to make the leap to be more bold, but it has paid off. I joined BYP, I started volunteering more and I’ve met some awesome new friends who have shown me a side of Boise I’ve never seen.  I think Brene’ Brown put it best: “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”  At what could have been my weakest time is where I have found my strength.​”

Brittany provides Medicare Customer Service at PacificSource Health Plans and is finishing her Marketing degree at Boise State University. She is an active member of BYP and a member of the Events and Networking Work Team.


“You can’t be in the financial industry and not heed the words of Mr. Warren Buffet— I mean, he’s legendary. He once said “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago,” I heard that and I just thought that was so true.  Personally, I’ve been afforded some amazing opportunities in my life by those who came before me that have taken me on some incredible journeys- both literally in my travel adventures and figuratively in my career. I’ve also just started to ask myself if I’m paying it forward- am I planting enough trees to leave behind some amazing shade? ​”

Sarah is a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. She volunteers with AFS, an organization that helps students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.  Sarah is an active member of BYP and is on the Events & Networking Committee.​


“I’m a classic ‘Boomerang-er’. Born and raised in Boise, left for school in Seattle, moved around the world right after graduating, moved down to San Diego, found myself in Dallas, TX, then finally came home and I couldn’t be happier to be back. It feels good to plant some roots and grow here again. ​

I’ve always had this underlying desire to do something important; something that would have a positive impact on people-  and until moving back and starting RNG, I didn’t know exactly what that “thing” was. Now, I know that if I can connect the right people to the right opportunities- the possibilities to make a difference pop up everywhere. That’s pretty much what we do every day at RNG- it is what makes us tick; building connections and relationships that benefit Idaho companies and the awesome talent we match them with.​”

Jessica is the Founder & President of Route Networking Group.  She is an Ad Hoc Member of the BYP Leadership Team, & sits on the Professional Development Work Team where she leads the Career Start Mentoring program.


“I’ve lived my life with a particular motto guiding me: If I want or need something done, I have to make it happen. Life shouldn’t be wasted waiting for others. This line of thinking has taken me from where I was raised in rural Nampa, Idaho, to a private university in Michigan where I earned my degrees in architecture, then finally back to the city I love to fulfill my dream of becoming an architect. I look back at the road I’ve taken & all the bumps along the way, it hasn’t been easy, but it has totally been worth it.”

Katie is an Architect in Training at CTA Architects Engineers. She is an active member of BYP and enjoys all of the volunteer opportunities that BYP offers.


“There is a certain happiness in being silly & ridiculous.” I don’t know who said it first, but I’ve loved it since the moment I heard it.  There are so many heavy topics going around in our world today that I think it is more important than ever to just unplug and laugh sometimes, otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy. You can’t afford to miss out on happiness just because there is darkness- so make time to be silly & ridiculous- you won’t regret it!”  ​

Liz is the Events & Finance Manager for Susan G. Komen Idaho Montana.  She is on the leadership team for the Little Black Dress Club, a young women’s philanthropy organization that provides funds to small but mighty non-profits around Boise.  Liz is the Chair Elect for the Community Engagement Work Team & an active BYP member.


“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.” This quote has been a favorite of mine for a long time & has become a sort of guiding light in my life.  It brought me all the way to Boise from sunny Southern Florida, with a few stops along the east coast including Maine for law school. I never could have predicted the moves I’d make & where they would take me, but I’ve always pursued that certain zest in my life– with that I have yet to be disappointed!”

​Diana is the Associate Director of Admissions at the University of Idaho College of Law’s Boise location. She is a member of the Junior League of Boise, involved in the Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity & is in the process of joining a local Rotary club. She is an active BYP member & the 2017 Chair-Elect for the Marketing & Communication Work Team.


“I love connecting… whether it is connecting with people or businesses, I find it invigorating & rewarding.  I am lucky because I get to do that for a living and for BYP. I am naturally drawn to opportunities that allow me to meet new people or network.  I also enjoy introducing my daughter to all Boise has to offer, including the arts and the outdoors. We love to visit The Library!, a little known fact is that I actually have my library card number memorized!  We also like to watch an Idaho Ballet performance, camp in Cascade or Stanley, or take a walk through Downtown Boise.”

Stephanie is a Business Relationship Officer at Idaho Central Credit Union. She is the 2017 Chair Elect for the Community Outreach Work Team.  She is also a volunteer for Ballet Idaho and on the Membership Committee for the Association for the Education of Young Children.​​


“I’m a biologist turned photographer.  For a handful of years, I worked for the Peregrine Fund, doing endangered species restoration for the California Condor. Being outdoors came with the territory in this job, and photography became a natural extension to capture the experience. From there my interests have evolved in surprising and exciting ways. While I like shooting a broad range of things, I enjoy the highly specialized nature of creating beautiful architectural and hospitality images. You’ll hear photographers say, if you can learn to light architecture, then you can light anything. So from time-to-time, I’ll get requests for head shots and product shots. When I’m not shooting, I’m in the outdoors…. climbing, skiing, mountain biking, or practicing falconry.  I probably have too many hobbies, but it’s a good chance for me to disconnect and escape into nature so I can recharge and stay focused.”

Gabe is an architectural and Interiors photographer. He creates images of completed projects for client portfolios and editorial publications like Dwell Magazine and Architectural Digest. He is an active member of BYP.


matt-jantz“I started at Albertsons in 1999 as a courtesy clerk, and I’ve done a couple of stints with them over the past 17 years, and landed in this role about 3 years ago. Albertsons is a great company and I really enjoy the variety that comes with my job every day.  When I’m not working, I’m either playing sports, playing music or hanging with my rescue animals- I have 2 dogs & a cat.  I’ve played the drums for 20 years and the guitar for 5.  I recently invented and patented a new instrument accessory that allows you to play both the drums & guitar at the same time… Now I’m working to bring it to market and launch my website. I’m also in a band with a couple friends and we play open mic nights throughout the Boise Valley.  I love the outlet music provides me; there’s no better way to unwind or work through a problem than to sit down at the drum kit or strum the guitar for a few minutes. Music is the best therapy in the world and I really don’t know where I’d be without it.”

Matt is the Marketing Director for Albertsons Intermountain Division, and volunteers on the Capital Fundraising Committee for the Idaho Food Bank. His company does a lot with the Boise Rescue Mission, and is heavily involved with the Boise Chamber of Commerce and many other not-for-profits. He is an avid supporter of the Idaho Humane Society, a member of the BYP Leadership Team and an active BYP Member.

BYP began the Member Monday tradition in January of 2016.  Below, you’ll find a list of all the members who shared their experiences and sat for the camera.  To read the features, take a look at this list of 2016 Member Monday Features.


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