Member Monday - Henry Holaday, Mars Wrigley Confectionery


Meet this week’s Member Monday, Henry Holaday!

Henry is a member of the Outreach Team and is currently working with BYP on data analytics to better understand overall BYP trends.

This is a fitting project for Henry because he works for Mars Wrigley Confectionery as a Category Manager. This means he uses data insights and analytics to understand shopper trends and behaviors specifically for seasonal candy at Albertsons.

The thing that Henry enjoys most about his job is finding key nuggets of data from a large group of information and then help create a strategy about what the data is telling us. Plus it also helps as people think I have a pretty sweet job since I sell candy!

Henry was born and raised in Kuna, but left to go to college at the University of Miami. He has lived in Minnesota, Arkansas and Ohio before finally moving back to Boise to be closer to family.  Henry says, “My biggest accomplishment was moving away from home to really learn more about myself and grow. I thought it was going to be easier however I’ve moved multiple times and it’s always the most challenging thing to do when moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone. However each move has allowed me to learn how to put myself out there and be open to meeting new people and seeing new places!”

Madison Warner