Member Monday - Ollie Musekamp, Route Networking Group

Meet this week’s Member Monday, Ollie Musekamp!

Ollie is a member of the Marketing & Communications Work Team. Recent projects he has worked on include the head shot event coming later this year and on analyzing BYP analytics. 

Ollie grew up in Ohio and has lived in Colorado and Texas. He married a Boisean so when their second baby arrived they decided to move to Idaho to be closer to family and the great outdoors. 

If he could tell himself something 10 years ago, it would be that you never know where life is going to take you, so be present, be in the moment, and enjoy the ride! 

Ollie works at Route Networking Group as the Head of Recruiting Operations. He manages their candidate pipeline and works on optimizing business operations which includes everything from data analysis, market research, project management, and CRM efficiencies to content creation and event planning. 

In his free time you can find him playing guitar on the back porch, exploring a new hiking trail, spending time with his family, or on the river working on his fishing game.

Madison Warner