Member Monday - Samantha Tallman, Wright Brothers, The Building Company

Meet this week’s BYP Member Monday, Samantha Tallman! 

Samantha is a new to BYP, but has lived in Idaho her entire life. All of her and her husband’s family live here so they have no desire to leave, plus she says they love Idaho! 

She considers her life purpose To be a mentor for others to look up to and always strive to be a better person. Losing my mom at a young age taught me that nothing is forever and how you are as a person means a lot

Samantha is the Executive Assistant and Contract Administrator at Wright Brothers, The Building Company. Her responsibilities include writing contracts, attending meetings, business development, marketing and assisting the founder and one of the owners of the company. 

Outside of work she enjoys being around her family and friends, adventuring and doing new things, relaxing and going for family bicycle rides! 

Madison Warner