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Why join BYP?
The Boise Young Professionals (BYP) program is dedicated to developing and retaining young talent. BYP is headquartered in downtown Boise, but seeks to act as a catalyst to connect, empower and engage young professionals (YPs) throughout the Boise Valley. BYP has over 1,000 members from more than 275 different companies. It offers programs and events designed for young professionals by young professionals.


  • Connections – Build valuable business and social relationships with other young professionals
  • Development – Enhance professional and leadership skills
  • Engagement – Get involved in the community through service projects
  • Education – Learn about important business and community issues
  • Access – Meet and engage with local CEOs, elected officials and other community leaders

Individual Membership:  $55 Annually
Student Pricing: $27.50 (must be currently enrolled in a graduate program or at least 15 credits per semester; current transcripts may be requested)
Military Pricing: $27.50
AmeriCorps/VISTA Pricing: $27.50
Spouse / Partner Add-on: $27.50

You must be 21 and older to join BYP.

As a business, YOU can help build the next generation of leaders.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP – What’s in it for my business?:

  • Recognition of support in front of top business, community and elected leaders
  • Affiliation with the largest and most active young professionals program in Idaho
  • Appreciation of support from the Valley’s talented young workforce
  • Unlimited memberships to employees. Members must be at least 21 years of age
  • Color logo on Partners page linked to your website
  • Customized presentation from BYP leaders on opportunities for your staff to get involved

Corporate Sponsorship Available, click here for pricing.

BYP offers discounts to members as a benefit of membership. Typically, there is a $15 difference in price for members versus non-members. If a guest pays the non-member price, but joins BYP within 30 days they will receive a credit in the amount of their non-member difference (e.g. If a person attends an event at the non-member price of $15 ($0 cost for members), but joins BYP within 30 days of their first event, a $15 BYP credit will be issued to their account.)

Most featured programs, services and events are provided at no-cost or up to $10 to BYP members. For each of these events there is an early-bird price and a late registration price. To receive the free or $10 early-bird price members must register by the Friday prior to the event. For instance, if a luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, the early-bird price of $10 is available until noon on Friday before the event. The late registration fee is $5.

To view the BYP Code of Conduct, click here.

Join today!

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These partners receive unlimited memberships for their young professional employees/students:

Questions?  Individual Membership, please contact Hollie Conde at org 472-5213 or for Corporate Sponsorship, please contact Nick Souba at 472.5237 or

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