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Professional Development


The mission of the Professional Development Work Team is to empower our members to develop the skills, connections, and confidence to become leaders in their respective organizations and communities. Professional Development also offers many opportunities for leadership positions within the work team. We coordinate the following programs:

b|wise Series: The b|wise Series started in 2007 to provide opportunities for BYP members to establish strong coaching/mentoring relationships with community leaders and other young professionals. This series is available twice a year and teams our young professionals up with established senior business leaders. Each group is led by a successful member of our local community and up to 6 BYPers. This mentors are accomplished individuals well-seasoned in their careers and often have a title like CEO, President, etc. Each group meets regularly over the 3-month session to explore a wide range of leadership and professional development topics. BYPers who actively participate in the series can gain a greater understanding of their personal and professional goals, individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as next steps to move forward in their careers.

Career Start Mentor Program: This mentoring program coordinated with Boise State University’s MBA students offers students an opportunity to be mentored by members of BYP. Mentors are an access point into BYP for information and how to get involved with our organization.  It also is an opportunity for BYP members to establish strong coaching/mentoring relationships with other young professionals and students who are just entering the workforce or will be in the near future.   BYP mentors assist the students in subjects such as: building relationships, networking, interviewing skills, and career exploration.  BYP is proud to further our relationship with BSU and offer our members the opportunity to mentor others.  Please feel free to contact the Work Team Chair for more opportunities.

b|reading: Dr Seuss put it best when he said “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” As a part of the professional development mission within the Boise Young Professionals b|reading is a book club for young professionals of Boise interested in reading and discussing professional development books with like minded individuals. Learn more on our Facebook page, or LinkedIn,


Josh Shiverick| Professional Development Work Team Chair

Dustin Keyes |  Professional Development Work Team Chair-Elect

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