We are a member driven organization that is funded by member dues, corporate sponsors, program sponsors, various channel partners, and the Boise Metro Chamber. BYP owes its success to the many generous volunteers and supporters of the program, we thank you! Here is a run down of BYP’s partners. Our partners also receive unlimited memberships for their young professional employees. Click here for information about Corporate Sponsorship Pricing.

2019 Program Sponsors

2019 Corporate Sponsors

T-O values the importance of community involvement, networking, and personal development that BYP provides to its members. We are proud to provide our employees with the opportunity to learn and expand their connections through our BYP Corporate Sponsorship. Our employees have created partnerships and skills through the many different BYP programs which in turn have become crucial for our team today. We appreciate all BYP does for Boise and our Young Professionals - they truly make our community great!
— Eva Fithen, Marketing Manager, T-O Engineers