Why we exist: To provide opportunities for young professionals to be a part of a fun, welcoming group of peers while benefiting their community by participating in volunteer opportunities and being civically educated and engaged.

What we do: Our work team partners and plans volunteer opportunities for our members through monthly b|involved events. We engage our members civically by offering a quarterly round table event with Mayor Bieter, b|voting and b|on Board series.

Things we are passionate about:

  • Community service and volunteers

  • Making meaningful connections

  • Engaging with public and civic leaders

Praise from an Idaho nonprofit about BYP volunteers:

BYP volunteers help with several downtown events, making them even more successful and fun! DBA events build both business and community in our downtown. Events may start early in the morning and go until late in the evening. Regardless of the task, BYP members understand creating a celebration takes work! The DBA is grateful for the time BYP members give and we know we can count on their support in the future.
— Lynn Hightower, Executive Director, Downtown Boise Association
The BYP project was a pleasure to coordinate.  The team members were enthusiastic, capable, and hard-working.  It was gratifying to hear team members’ keen interest in the SNRA, the trails, the tools and the methods necessary for stewardship projects in wilderness settings… In short, BYP has set the bar for volunteers with the Sawtooth Society.  Highly productive, injury free, fun-loving, really interesting members.  You have dibs on the camp next June!  Truly inspiring.
— Greg Travelstead, Volunteer Coordinator, Sawtooth Society

If you are interested in learning more or attending a work team meeting contact:

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Lindsay Meloy
Community Engagement Work Team Chair


Caroline Lincoln
Community Engagement Work Team Chair-Elect

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